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   Prof.  Dr. V. Masilamani                                             

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PhD in Laser Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (1973-1979)

Professional Experience:

Over thirty-eight years of research experience in the design of gas, liquid and solid-state lasers and their applications to medicine and material processing.

  1. Professor, Laser Group, Department of Physics, King Saudi University, Riyadh (since Feb 1999)
Appointed as a Distinguished Professor and KSU Research Chair (2008) in “Laser Diagnosis of Cancers”

 2. Visiting scientist 
•         Institute of Ultra short Spectroscopy and Lasers (IUSL), City University of New York, USA (2011)
•        University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada (1996)
•        Fredrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany (1985)
•        University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France (1985)
•        Politechnico de Milano, Milano, Italy (1983 – 84)
•        International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (1982–83)

 3.  Faculty in Department of Physics, Professor of Laser Physics Anna University, Chennai (1980 – 1999);
 Specialization: I am essentially an Experimental Laser Physicist with experience in the design and application of the following lasers and instrumentation:
•        Ultraviolet pulsed N2 and excimer lasers.
•        Dye Lasers (CW, ns, ps, fs domain)
•        NaYAG, Ruby, tunable Ti sapphire
•        Absorption and fluorescence spectrophotometers.
•        Harmonic generation, SRS, photoacoustics phase conjugate optics.
•        Cancer diagnostics by Laser/Xe lamp-induced fluorescence
•        Laser Raman spectra
•        Nano and femtosecond time domain spectroscopy
•        Photodynamic therapy of cancers using CW and pulsed lasers

Authorship of Technical Books

1. Laser, the Light Extra Ordinary - Textbook, pub.   1999.    2. 101 Experiments in   Laser Physics (Under preparation)
Patents and Publications

Author of 6 US patents and 68 research publications  in international journals on various aspects of the design of gas and liquid lasers and their applications for medicine and material processing.


KSU Distinguished Scientist Award of PRINCE NAIF, the Home Minister of KSA in 2008. This is the only one such award that has been presented so for in the KSA.




Author of 6 US patents 70  papers in international journals on various aspects of design of gas and liquid lasers and their applications to medicine and material processing.



Out of them only the latest 25  are listed out 


On laser medicine


1 V. Masilamani, B.B. Das, J. Secor, M. AlSalhi, S.Devanesan, S.Prasad,  D. Rabah, R. R. Alfano,

"Optical Biopsy of benign and malignant tissue by time resolved spectroscopy."

( Accepted  in "Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment TCRT- Feb 2013).

2. M.S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan, V. Masilamani, Farjah H. AlGahtani,  P. Agastian, Khalid Abu Saleh.

 “Spectral Detection of Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia”

  (Accepted for publication in Photo diagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy – Jan 2013)

3. V. Masilamani M.S. AlSalhi , S. Devanesan, M. Atif , D. Rabah, K. Farhat,  Y. Pu, R.R. Alfano. 

“A parallelism between spectral grading and Gleason grading of malignant prostate tissues” 

Photo diagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy online Jan 15, 2013 1-5

4  Masilamani, S.Devanesan, M.AlSalhi,  Farjah H. AlGahtani

 “Spectral Detection of Thalassemia – a preliminary Study” .  Communicated to British journal of Hemaotology – 2013

5. "Spectral Detection of Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia”  M.S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan, V. Masilamani, Farjah H. AlGahtani, P. Agastian, Khalid Abu Saleh. (Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy Manuscript No: 12- 94,  Dec 2012,

6. V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, T. Vijmasi, K.Govindarajan, R. Rathan Rai, M. Atif, S. Prasad, A. S. Aldwayyan," Fluorescence Spectra of blood and urine for Cervical Cancer Detection” Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(9), 098001-6, 2012

7 M. S. AlSalhi, A. M. Al Mehmadi, A. A.  Abdo, S. Prasad, V. Masilamani,   “Diagnosis of Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis by the Fluorescence Spectra of Blood and Urine” Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment 11, (4), 345-351, 2012

8. M.S.AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, M. Atif,   K. Farhat, D. Rabah, and M.R. Al Turki. “Fluorescence spectra of benign and malignant prostate tissues” \ Laser Phys. Letter, 9, 631–635, 2012

9. M.S. AlSalhi, S. Ben Amer, K. Farhat, D. Rabah, S. Devanesan, M. Atif, V. Masilamani.

“Optical Biopsy of Breast cancer tissue” Laser Physics, 22, (8), 1358–1363. 201

10 . M.S. AlSalhi ,  V. Masilamani ,V. Trinka ,M. Elangovan ,V. Kochupillai ,N. Shah,

  “Detection of Cancer by Optical Analysis of Body Fluids – A Single Blind   Study”

  Technology in   Cancer Research and Treatment 10, 1-8, 2011

11. M.S. AlSalhi ,  V. Masilamani ,V. Trinka , H. Al- Nachawati, A.P VijayaRaghavan, “Lung Cancer Detection by Native Fluorescence Spectra of Body Fluid- A Preliminary Study” Journal of Fluorescence, 21,637–645,   2011

12. V. Masilamani, M.S. Al Salhi, A.Vijaya Raghavan, T. Vijmasi, K. Govindaraj, B. Antonisamy, “Cancer Detection by Native Fluorescence of Urine” Journal of Biomedical Optics, 15, 3-9, 2011

 On laser engineering

1. Evidence for laser from double excimer of conjugated polymer in a liquid solution.

K.H. Ibnaouf1,S.Prasad, Masilamani. V*, M. S. AlSalhi, A. S. Alaamer

Published in  J. Europ. Opt. Soc. Rap. Public. 8, 13001 (2013)


2. Evidence for Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Double Excimer of Conjugated Polymer (PDHF) in a Liquid Solution,

K.H. Ibnaouf1, S.Prasad,Masilamani. V*,  M. S. AlSalhi


3. Laser from Double Excimer State of a Conjugated Copolymer BEHP-co-MEH-PPV in Solution

K.H. Ibnaouf1, S.Prasad, V. Masilamani*, M. S. AlSalhi 

Submitted to JOLT (under review)


4. Excimer like Photoluminescence Spectra of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots

K.H.Ibnaouf, S.Prasad, V. Masilamani*,1, A. Hamdan, M. S. AlSalhi and B. Zaman

Submitted to Spectra Chemica Acta A (under review) 

5“Amplified spontaneous emission spectra from the superexciplex of coumarin 138” K. H. Ibnaouf, S. Prasad, A.S. Aldwayyan, M.S. Alsalhi, V. Masilamani. Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc, 97, 1145-51,2012

6“Amplified spontaneous emission from internal energy transfer process in the copolymer BEHP-co-MEH-PPV” M.S. AlSalhi, K.H. Ibnaouf, V. Masilamani, O.A. Yassin,  Journal of Luminescence, 132, 484-490, 2012

7“External energy transfer in amplified spontaneous emissions from MEH-PPV conjugated polymer” M.S. AlSalhi, Ziyad S. AbuMustafa, V. Masilamani. Optics &Laser Technology, 43,147-151, 2011

8 “Excimer state of a conjugate polymer (MEH-PPV) in liquid solution” M. S. Alsalhi, K. H. Ibnaouf, V. Masilamani and O. A. Yassin. Laser Physics 17 (12), 1361-1366, 2007

9 “Laser Properties of a Conjugate Polymer (MEH-PPV) in the Liquid-Excimeric State” V. Masilamani, K. H. Ibnaouf , M. S. Alsalhi, and O. A. Yassin. Laser Physics 17 (12), 1367-75, 2007

10“Structural and solvent dependence of superexciplex” V. Masilamani and A.S. Aldwayyan. Spectrochimica acta A, 60 (9), 2099-2106, 2004

11“Dual  Amplified Spontaneous Emission as evidence for superexciplex from the dye  LD473” A.S. Aldwayyan. V. Masilamani. Spectrochimica acta A  60 (12) 2891-2895, 2004

12 “Super excicplex of Coumarin Molecular Using tunable Ti Sapphire Laser. A. A. Ghamdi, V. Masilamani et al. Jpn. Jl. of App. Phy. (Japan) 42, 6610 – 6613, 2003


13“Evidence of super exciplex in Dye Molecules” V. Masilamani and A.S. Aldwayyan. Jpn. Jl. of App. Phy.  41, 5801-5804, 2002




1. V. Masilamani, M. S. AlSalhi, Danny M. Rabah “Method for Discriminating Between Benign and Malignant Prostate Tumors” Pub No: US 8213005 , B2. Jul 03, 2012.  

2. V. Masilamani, M. Elangovan, Mohamad Saleh AlSalhi, Abdulrahman Al-Diab. “Lung Cancer Detection by Optical Analysis of Body Fluids” Pub No: US 8,208, 142, B2 – June 26 2012.

 3. V. Masilamani, M. Elangovan,  “ Masila's cancer detector based on optical analysis of body fluids” Pub No:US 2006/0170928 A1, Aug 3, 2006.

4.  M. S. AlSalhi, V. Masilamani, Farjah H Gahtani  “Fluorescence Spectral Method for Thalassemia Detection”  - Submitted 2012 ( Pending USA).

5.  V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, Farjah H. Gahtani, S. Devanesan “Spectral Diagnosis of Hemoglobinopathies” (  Submitted 2013).


   Isam    Khalid  , M.S.AlSalhi  V. Masilamani  "  Laser Biostimulation for longer shelf life of donar blood  "  Submitted 2012 ( Pending USA). 


 Three  NPST projects  have been  submitted  for a total funding of about   SR   4million


 The title  are

1    Spectral diagnosis of hemoglobinoppathies                                                            Principal investigator

2 “Design of Tunable Broad band Conjugated polymer Laser                                Co Principal investigator

3  Synthesis and  efficacy evaluation of new

                                                                         dyes for  solid state dye lasers   Co Principal investigator