Stat 109

W1: Introduction to bio-statistics.
W2: Types of data and graphical representation.
W3: Descriptive statistics: measures of Central tendency- mean, median, mode ( Excluding stem plot percentiles).
W4: Measures of dispersion-range, standard deviation, coefficient of variation ( Excluding stem plot percentiles).
W5: Calculating measures from an ungrouped frequency table (Excluding stem plot percentiles).
W6: Basic probability, conditional probability, concept of independence, sensitivity, specificity.
W7: Bayes theorem for predictive probabilities.
W8: Some discrete probability distributions: cumulative probability.
W9: Binomial and Poisson -their mean and variance (Excluding the use of binomial and Poisson tables).
W10: Continuous probability distributions: Normal distribution.
W11: Standard normal distribution and t-distributions.
W12: Sampling with and without replacement, sampling distribution of one and two sample means and one and two proportions (Excluding sampling without replacement).
W13: Statistical inference: Point and interval estimation, Type of errors, Concept of P-value (Excluding variances not equal.
W14: Testing hypothesis about one and two samples means and proportions including paired data – different cases under normality. (Excluding variances not equal).

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