Stat 328

Course outline
STAT 328 (Statistical Packages) 3 credit hours
Instructor:  Dr. Majdy Najy Ahmed
Office:  2B20 Building #4,  Phone (office): 4676270
Room:    2B 28 Building #4
Text Books: 

  1. Minitab Guide, Second Edition Desmond J. Higham and Nicholas J. Higham A-Jin Publishing Company. Latest version
  2.  Excel 2010 guide to accompany understanding basic statistics

sixth edition

  1. SPSS Guide to Data Analysis by Marija Norse’s. . Latest version
  2. Hector Guerrero. Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation,  Springer. . Latest version
  3. SPSS Survival Manual: A Step by Step Guide to Data Analysis Using IBM Spss. Latest version
  4. Alain F. Zuur l Elena N. Ieno Erik H.W.G. Meesters. A Beginner’s Guide to R, Springer. Latest version

Course Scope Contents: 
Using program code in a statistical software package (Excel – Minitab – SAS – SPSS - R) to write a program for data and statistical analysis.  Topics include creating and managing data files, graphical presentation - and Monte Carlo simulations.

Topics Covered
Week1: Introduction to statistical analysis using excel.
Week2: Some mathematical and logical functions in Excel.
Week3: Descriptive statistics using excel.
Week4: Statistical tests using excel.
Week5: Correlation and regression using excel.
Week6: Introduction to Minitab - Descriptive statistics using Minitab.
Week7: Statistical distributions in Minitab.
Week8: Statistical tests using Minitab.
Week9: Correlation and regression using Minitab.
Week10: Introduction to SPSS - Descriptive statistics using SPSS.
Week11: Statistical tests using SPSS - Correlation and regression using SPSS.
Week12: Introduction to R - Statistical and mathematical functions in R.
Week13: Descriptive statistics using R - Statistical distributions in R.
Week14: Statistical tests using R - Correlation and regression using R.
Week15: Applications, Programming and simulation in R.

Course Materials