MGT 371 – Operations Management

Operations Management (OM) is an exciting area of management that has an important impact on the productivity of both manufacturing and services. OM involves the planning, coordinating, and executing of all activities that create goods or services. The main goal of this course is to gain an understanding of how to make the operations management a strategic competitive weapon. This course will present a broad introduction to the field of operations management in a realistic manner. It will provide a solid understanding of the importance of operations management and its role in the organizations. This course discusses a wide range of operations topics, including project management, inventory management, capacity planning, facilities location, total quality management, forecasting, decision-making tools, and supply chain management and operations strategy. It deals with these topics through managerial and applications-oriented perspectives. Also, special emphasis is placed on the international dimensions of operations. Finally, the course is integrative in nature, emphasizing the fit and relationship of operations with other functions of the firm.

Course Materials