Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) analysis to molecular characteristic determination of Heliotropium digynum in Saudi Arabia

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, Mona S. alWhibi . 2014
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ورقة علمية
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International Journal of Advanced Research
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Heliotropium digynum, is a member of Boraginaceae family. The growth of the plant, as well as its size, length of inflorescence and speed of development depends on the amount of rain in their habitat. In this study, we aim to the applicability of inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) with polymorphism in Heliotropium digynum in different region of Saudi Arabia. Fifteen primers were used for ISSR-PCR optimization through ISSR analysis while, only five primers (UBC810, UBC811, UBC818, UBC834and UBC849) gave the best amplification results which produced a total of 43 polymorphic bands. The number of polymorphic loci was 20 and the percentage of polymorphism was 90.47%. The similarity result indicates the presence of high level genetic diversity between populations and a dendrogram constructed by UPGMA method.
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