PGE 544: Rock Mechanics

Define Stress and Strain in Rocks.  Understand Rock Engineering Projects and Mechanical Behavior of Rocks.  Characterize Rock Deformation Modes, Rock Mechanical Properties (Destructive and Non Destructive), and Laboratory Tests.  Derive and Utilize Linear Poroelastic Solution of Stress on Deep Rocks.  Understand and Utilize The Concept of Yield Zone Theory.  Understand and Apply Mohr Coulomb Failure Criterion and The Effect of Pore Pressure on Rock Strength.  Calculate Mohr Coulomb Failure Criterion Parameters and its Applications.  Estimate Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio Using Experimental Data.  Estimate Mohr Coulomb Failure Criterion Parameters Using Correlations.  Utilization of the Gained Rock Mechanics Knowledge in Rock Mechanics Applications in Petroleum Engineering Practices.

Course Materials