MKT477 Co-op Training


Course Description:
Cooperative Education is a planned learning experience, for which credits are earned, that integrates classroom theory and learning experiences at a workplace. The experience enables students to apply and refine the knowledge and skills acquired in a related curriculum course. The Co-op is a supervised work experience in a position in the government or the private sector which aimed to assist students in making the transition from the classroom to industry. Students are required to finish 500 hours on the job to earn 6-credit hours for the course.
Course Objectives:
 By completing the Co-op, you will learn more about your field and have the opportunity to interact with the professionals in your field. Moreover, the Co-op is expected to help you in such a way:

  • Academically by Applying and integrating the principles and theory learned in the classroom with workplace practice and clarify academic goals.
  • Professionally by clarifying career goals, understanding workplace culture, gaining workplace competencies, benefiting from professional networking, and having better access to after-graduation employment opportunities.
  • Personally by determining your strengths and weaknesses, developing and enhancing interpersonal skills, and specifying career options in Marketing.
  • Understanding the work environment by understanding politics, conflict and the different pattern and setting in
  • the work environment.


ملف مرفق: 
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ملف Monthly report template34.83 كيلوبايت
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