Theory Development in Business Administration BA 601

From the PhD Program Catalogue:
The effective use of epistemology in generating, defending and clarifying logically rigorous arguments is explored. Students from diverse business disciplines will examine the processes which have guided theory development and theory testing. Attention will focus on what criteria are used to assess the adequacy of explanations and useful theories. Topics include philosophy of science, finding and formulating research problems and questions, literature reviews and searches, basic concepts in measurement, sampling, and qualitative and quantitative research methods and designs. During the course, each student is expected to prepare a research proposal/literature review.
I would like to add:
We will make sure you have a solid foundation on the theory of inquiry. We will  go in depth in readings that are dedicated solely for the theory of inquiry. Our conversations and readings are extended to falsification as it governs the "knowing" and predominantly what constitutes science at the contemporary time of humanity age. The aim is for you to appreciate our reliance in research on probability theory in testing scientific conjectures. You should comprehend that our knowledge, or I should say “scientific knowledge” as some like to call it, as it stands at the contemporary time is stochastic, that is, it is not certain. That is why we teach you statistics in our PhD program. Moreover, you will be exposed to views of how sciences processes and will have the opportunity of apply it to your discipline.  The course concludes with what constitutes an adequate theory.  
My Task with you:
It is my intention neither to influence you with my own thinking nor to impose my position toward theatrical issues upon any of you. It is my job to prepare you, the best I can, as independent thinkers who can evaluate other people’s efforts, take a position, and support his/her viewpoint. Disciplines virtually are in need of independent scholars who can draw conclusions themselves. It is my judgment that if you adopt somebody’s line of thinking, you have less chance to survive in academe; such a world is full with smart people from all over the world. There is no reward from enslaving your mind and thinking to somebody’s. Similarly, the practice in general  is in need of practitioners who can creatively think and deduce answers and solutions when confronted with complex situations. “The best practice” is not the type of answer that reflects a distinguished practitioners nor a research, in my opinion.  

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