Using personalized learning as an instructional approach to motivate learners in online higher education: Learner self-determination and intrinsic motivation

Journal Article
Alamri, Hamdan . 2020
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research Article
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Journal of Research on Technology in Education
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In this qualitative comparison study, we examine the perceived efficacy of using personalized learning (PL) activities based on PL principles to support students’ psychological need satisfaction and intrinsic motivation in an online course using a traditional one-size-fits-all model. We apply selfdetermination theory as a framework to investigate students’ perceptions of their psychological need satisfaction (e.g., competence, autonomy, and relatedness) and relation to students’ intrinsic motivation when enrolled in an online course implementing PL principles. Overall, the study results showed the potential of implementing personalized learning principles in online courses to support students’ psychological need satisfaction (e.g., autonomy and competence) and intrinsic motivation. Furthermore, students perceived the PL interventions as engaging and effective in meeting their learning needs and interests.