Smart virtual Syllabus for higher Education : A Solution During the COVID-19 Global Locked in

Journal Article
, Hind A. Al Fadda . 2020
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Time changes and educational institutions have to change the method of delivering teaching and learning materials, and getting ready for any urgent circumstances that might result in schools closing, exams cancellation, and online education becomes the solution. The current mixed- methods research (MMR) is an attempt  to train, implement and then, measure teachers’ and students’ perceptions toward the smart visual syllabus (SVS) design. For this purpose, two online workshops were held to design a smart visual syllabus, followed by electronic survey and two interviews. The three tools were administrated among (n=25) teachers and (n=134) students, in two public universities, during Spring 2020. Data analysis revealed the teachers’ and students’ positive attitudes toward the role of SVS which contributes to educational success due to the features of saving and retrieving the materials. The study recommended teachers around the globe to facilitate teaching during the current state of affair, concerning COVID- 19 epidemic spreads, and to limit the potential risk of infection due to direct contact .Designing SVS is urgently needed for online virtual teaching to limit the learners' contact in real classes