Dynamic Assessment in Education: A Case-Study of Chinese-speaking EFL Classroom

Journal Article
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This paper reports on the use of dynamic assessment (DA) by an English as second language teacher (ESL) in their classroom in China. It examines how DA can be employed in English as foreign language classrooms as a method of developing learners’ oral English skills. DA is framework with the aim of combing both instruction and assessment in a way which supports development (Poehner, 2008). It is founded in the ideas of Vygotsky’s (1987) zone of proximal development (ZPD) emanating from his socio-cultural theory (SCT). ZPD highlights the role of a more capable others as mediators who interact learners in order to help them realize their potential. This study provides an example of how an EFL teacher in all countries might utilize DA in their classroom based on their personal understanding and with interpretation of it. Examples of the interactions between the teacher and learners are analyzed in this study to investigate how this technique aid in development.