Speech Anxiety among EFL Arab College Students

Journal Article
Publication Abstract: 

EFL classes in Saudi Arabia are known to be teacher-dominant. However, at college level in speaking classes, students are expected to be fluent, produce accurate sentences, and contribute a lot to class discussions. Thus, students will become very anxious because they are not used to express themselves in such classes. The purpose of the study is to explore the factors that make Saudi female college students anxious the most. Using a fourteen-item questionnaire, 22 freshmen students reported that peer comparison, being called on, low grades, being overwhelmed by many English rules, students' perception of their speaking ability, failing to understand the teacher, impromptu speech, fear of failure, being the focus of attention are the main sources of anxiety. Hence, teachers of speaking courses are advised to alleviate anxiety through using supportive messages, correcting errors implicitly, dividing class into small groups for presentations, .paraphrasing difficult expressions and asking students to prepare presentations before time

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