Stat 332 Regression Analysis

Instructor:  Prof. Khalaf S. Sultan

Office:  2B20 Building #4,  Phone (office): 4676263


Recommended Books

Applied Linear Statistical Models, John Neter, William Wasserman, Michael Kutner and Willism Li, 5th edition

Download the book data sets

  نماذج إحصائية خطية تطبيقية -  الجزء الأول
المؤلف:  نيتر واخرون.ترجمة: د. انيس كنجو – د. عبد الحميد الزيد – د. الحسيني عبد البر

Course Scope Contents: 

Simple linear regression model - Multiple linear regression - Analysis of residuals and predictions. - Stepwise regression - Some nonlinear regression models and data transformations - Student will use statistical computer packages such as SAS, SPSS, Minitab
Assignments and Tests:

Assignments and projects

Will be given during the  classes


Midterm test I



Midterm test II



Final Exam

As scheduled

40 marks

Student missing more than 25% of the total class hours won't be allowed to write the final exam. 

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