Graduate Students

Current Students

  1. Dalal Alduwaila, Topic: Learning of an authentication machine using heart signal, Level: PhD
  2. Mona Alsaleem, Topic: Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia using deep learning machines. Level: PhD
  3. Awabed AljibreenTopic: Cardiac Biometric Recognition Using Deep Learning Machines. Level: PhD
  4. Malak AlmarshadTopic: PPG Signal for Healthcare. Level: PhD

Graduated Students

  1. Rami Mohammad JomaaTopic: Development of an Anti-spoofing Biometric Authentication System by Fusing Heartbeat signal and Fingerprint, Level: PhD
  2. Sarah AlharbiTopic: Time-invariant Cryptographic Key Generation from Cardiac Signals, Level: M.Sc. (Thesis)