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From the time I have obtained my degree in UK and went back to the kingdom, it has come to my attention that there is an on-going epidemic of obesity-related diseases in my country, such that there is an urgent need to establish a clinical laboratory research that will be competent enough to provide evidence-based knowledge through scientific and clinical researches. Owing to the knowledge I have gained, I have decided to conduct my own investigations to determine the extent of the problems I will face. From these investigations I discovered that little has been done to address the growing population of obese and diabetic Saudis. To address these issues, I have decided to implement the following strategies, with the help of my colleague and friends from the department to establish a group that will:
  •  Build and create a state-of the art endocrine and diabetes research laboratory that will be supported by King Saud University
  •  Recruit and train a competent research team that will specialize in different areas of the lab (immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, oncology)
  •  Establish scientific collaborations with colleagues inside and outside the kingdom who share the same passion for metabolic disease research
  •  Attract research grant-giving bodies to support the lab projects
  •  Encourage potential master and Ph.D students to study and become part of the team
  •  Publish original researches to good international journals



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