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Faruq Mohammad Ayyub

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

كلية العلوم
2B 105, Building 5

introduction/brief CV

Dr. Faruq Mohammad, currently working as an Associate Professor at Surfactants Research Chair, Chemistry, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. His 5 years Post-Doctoral Research experiences are from Malaysia (Institute of Advanced Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia), South Africa (School of Pharmacy, Northwest University), and USA (Health Research Center, Southern University). He obtained his Ph.D. from Southern University and A&M College, USA during May 2011 and holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from India. He also served as the Lecturer for about three years at Chemistry, Southern University, USA while working for his PhD degree. His research interests are, (1) engineering of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for applications in environmental, biomedical, and catalytic systems, (2) development of hybrid bioprobes for theranostic devices (simultaneous diagnosis and therapy), (3) polymeric nano drug delivery systems for malaria and cancerous diseases, (4) mechanistic understanding of the natural and engineered nanomaterials toxicity, (5) nanotechnology-based hyperthermia-mediated therapy of cancerous tumors, (6) enzymatic conversion of cellulosic biomass for biofuel production, (6) natural biomaterials for environmental sustainability and catalysis, to mention some. So far, he has published about 125 articles in these areas and edited books to Wiley-VCH, Germany and Elsevier Inc., USA. He is currently serving as the editorial board for Austin Journal of Environmental Toxicology (USA) and as reviewer for Journal of Colloidal and Interface Science (Elsevier), Materials Science and Engineering B (Elsevier), Nanoscale (Royal Society of Chemistry), and Environmental Science: Nano (Royal Society of Chemistry).

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