Dr. Sandhanasamy Devanesan has completed his PhD in Biochemistry from Bharathiar University.  Currently working as a Scientist at Research Chair in Laser Diagnosis of Cancer, Department of Physics, College of Science King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is holding six US patents and he has published 70 Research articles from highly reputed international  journals.

Granted US Patents 

1.  M.S. AlSalhi, S. Devanesan,  Akram  Ahmed Alfuraydi,  Mysoon AlAnsari .  Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using sesame (Sesamum indicum) oil cake and cytotoxicity study on MCF-7 Cell Line “ US 20180333433, Nov 2018. 

2.   S. Devanesan, M.S.AlSalhi, G. Periyasami and A.K. Aldalbhai Methods of preparing biologically active derivatives from Calotropis Gigantea flowers” Grant No: US 101119181 B1, OCT 2018

3.   M.S.AlSalhi, S.Devanesan “Synthesis of silver nanoparticels from Abelmoschus Esculentus Extract”Grant No: US 10059601 B1, Aug 2018

4.  V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, S.Devanesan “Spectral Method For Quantifying Hemoglobin Fragility Caused By Smoking”. Grant No: US 9726679 B2, Aug 2017

5.  V. Masilamani, M.S.AlSalhi, Karim H. Farhat, Danny  Rabah, S. Prasad, S.Devanesan  “Method of detecting bladder cancer by optical analysis of bodily fluids" Grant No: US 9733187 B2, Aug 2017

 6. M.S. AlSalhi,  Akram  Ahmed Alfuraydi,  S. Devanesan “Green Synthesis of Silvernano particles from Pimpinella Anisum Seed Extract” Grant No: US 9144544 B1, Sep 29,2015

 Area of Research Interest

  • Simple route to synthesis of  nanoparticles using medicainal plants and their biological properties

  • Fluoresence Biomolecules Based  on Diagnosis of Blood Disorders by Spectral Methods