542 CHEM

1. Introduction to the synthetic chemistry of bioactive compounds
2. Stages of research - from idea to production
3. Examples of the synthesis of organic compounds with different biological activity:
- Anticancer compounds
- Antibiotics
- Antifungal compounds
- Compounds against influenza
- Compounds against cardiovascular disease and disease of metabolism
• - Compounds against diseases of the central nervous system
4. Michael Addition Reactions of a-b-unsaturated heterocyclic compounds and Their Biological Activities
- Synthesis of Barbituric acid derivatives and their biological applications
- Synthesis of Spiroindolone Analogues and their Applications as Potential Hypoglycemic
- Some Applications based on Aldol Condensation Reactions of some heterocyclic Compounds.
• - The use of microorganisms in the synthesis of bioactive compounds

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