CE 302


CE 302


Department of Civil Engineering

King Saud University

Course Description:

CE302 Mechanics of Materials

(Required for a BS CE degree)

Introduction and fundamentals of mechanics of deformable materials.

Concepts of stress and strain and Hooke's law. Concepts of failure, yield

and allowable stresses. Factor of safety and allowable stress design.

Limitations of strains and deformations. Normal stress under axial

loading and bending. Shear stress under shear force and torsion. Shear

force and bending moment diagrams. Transformation of stress and

strain and Mohr's circle. Buckling of columns. (3,1,0)


GE 201 Statics, Maths


1. Understanding force systems

2. Determining moments and couples

3. Understanding force and moment equilibrium

4. Understanding centroids and composite sections

5. Understanding moment of inertia

Course Learning Objectives

Students completing successfully the course will be able to:

a. Understand the concepts of stress and strain

b. Understand the concepts of allowable stress and factor of safety

c. Compute deformations under axial load and bending moment

d. Draw shear force and bending moment diagrams

e. Analyze and design beams for bending and shear

f. Compute shear stress in beams

g. Compute shear stress and deformations in shafts under torsion

h. Understand the concept of multiaxial stresses, compute principal stresses

i. Determine stresses and directions in 2d and construct Mohr's circle

j. Understand the concept of buckling and compute Euler's critical load

Topics Covered

1. Introduction - Concept of Stress (4 hours)

2. Stress and Strain - Axial Loading (8 hours)

3. Torsion (3 hours)

First Midterm

4. Pure Bending (8 hours)

5. Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending (7 hours)

6. Shear Stress in Beams (4 hours)

Second Midterm

7. Transformation of Stress and Strain (5 hours)

8. Buckling of columns (3 hours)

Class / Tutorial Schedule

Class is held three times per week in 50-minute lecture sessions.

There is also a 50-minute weekly tutorial associated with this course.

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