CHEM 101 General Chemistry (1)


Units of Measurements and Stoichiometry (mole relations, chemical formula, limiting reactant, yield %, dilution of solutions, and solution stoichiometry)

Properties of gases  (  gas laws ,  ideal gas ,  molecular kinetic theory ,  gaseous  diffusion  and  effusion ,  real gases )

Thermochemistry ( first law of thermodynamics ,Enthalpy of reactions, enthalpy of combustion, enthalpy of formation, internal energy)

Properties of solutions (types of solutions, Rault’s law, colligative properties)
Chemical kinetics (reaction rate, factors influencing rate, reaction order, half life time)
Chemical Equilibrium (equilibrium constants, factors affecting equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s principle)

Acids and Bases, Ionic equilibria, and buffer solutions (pH, strong - weak acids and bases)


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