Combined theoretical studies of the optical characteristics of II-IV-V2 semiconductor thin films

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Verma, F. Boukabrine a, F. Chiker a, R. Miloua b, Z. Kebbab b, R. Khenata c,⇑, Deo Prakash d,⇑, S. Bin Omran e, K.D. . 2016
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The optical absorbance of four ternary thin films, i.e. MgSiP2, MgGeP2, MgSiAs2, MgGeAs2 have been<br />
theoretically examined over a wide range of wavelength from 300 nm to 800 nm. The combination of<br />
first-principle electronic structure calculations and the optical matrix approach for modeling the multilayer<br />
assembly have been employed for theoretical studies. The analysis of the calculated absorbance<br />
spectra at room temperature with unpolarized light and normal incidence, revealed that MgGeAs2 with<br />
a direct energy band gap of 1.6 eV exhibit a considerable high optical absorption, where a thickness of<br />
3.2 lm of this thin film is sufficient to absorb 90% of the incident light and generates a maximum<br />
photocurrent of 23 mA/cm2.