ZOO 212

-Understanding and practicizingthe diferent methods and techniques applied for identification of parasitici nfection. Identification of the main characteristics of the different stages of the parasite . How to determine ;the site of infection,diagnosis and diagnostic stages,pathogenecity and treatment. How to elucidate the life cycle of  aparasite ( host and mode of transmission). Mastering photography,measurements and repor twriting. 

المرفق الحجم
introduction_to_212_zoo-lecture_1.pdf 659.27 كيلوبايت
lecture_2_entameba_histolytica.pdf 408.69 كيلوبايت
lecture_3_giardia_duodenalis_and_trichomonas_vaginalis.pdf 1.09 ميغابايت
lecture_4_t_vaginalis_and_t_gondii.pdf 653.89 كيلوبايت
lecture_5_trypanosomiasis_.pdf 747.94 كيلوبايت
lieishmania-_lecture_6.pdf 1.18 ميغابايت
malaria-lecture_8.pdf 1.62 ميغابايت
trematoda-_lecture_9.pdf 910.89 كيلوبايت
cestoda-lecture_10.pdf 392.53 كيلوبايت
nematoda-ascaris-lecture_11.pdf 505.9 كيلوبايت