.Using App Inventor 2 in A Summer Programming Workshop: Improvements Over Previous Years

ورقة مؤتمر
Al-Khalifa, • Sharefah A. Al-Ghamdi, Noha A. Al-Rajhi, Nouf M. Al-Onaizy, and Hend S. . 2016
رابط النشر على الانترنت
اسم المؤتمر
IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, 12 Apr. 2016
موقع المؤتمر
Abu Dhabi
تاريخ المؤتمر
المنظمة الممولة
Khalifa University and ETISALAT BT Innovation Center
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App Inventor (AI) for Android is a block-based programming environment that enables nonprogrammers to create fully functional mobile applications for Android phones by dragging and dropping code blocks. Since the launch of AI, many improvements were applied to it, which aimed to increase its effectiveness in promoting programming education for beginners. In our workshop, which targeted high school female students, we taught mobile programming using the improved version of AI2 (a free cloud-based tool). Thus, in this paper, we will describe our experience in using AI2 in our workshop, how it helped in our teaching method and discuss the improvements and limitations we observed over the previous version of the tool. We will also show the activities provided to the students and the mobile apps that were created using AI2. The final apps as well as the survey results showed how effective was the workshop and how the improved version of AI has enhanced the teaching process.