341 chem

Heterocycles, Nomenclature, Aromaticity, Five-membered heterocycles: Pyrroles, Indoles, Diazoles, Synthesis, Reactions, Cycloaddition Reactions, Six-membered heterocycles, Pyridine, quinoline, Basicity, Synthesis, Reactions. Heterocyclic compounds versus microbes, Antibiotics, antitumors and as Dyes. Biologically important  Heterocycles, Uracils and Purins, 
Carbohydrates, Definition, Nomenclature, Classification, Monosaccarides: absolute configuration, cyclic structures, oxidation, reduction, osazones, ascorbic acid, amino sugars. Oligosaccarides and Polysaccarides, Cellulose technology,
 Amino acids, Proteins, Natural amino acids: Properties, Synthesis and Reactions, Synthesis of Peptides, Protein classification,  
Lipids, Classification, Waxes, Oils and Fats (Glycerides), Synthesis and Properties of Glycerides, Glycolipids.


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