Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel is an assistant professor and the Chair of the Software Engineering Department. She is a SWE and AI researcher and instructor, Cyber Security enthusiast, and part-time consultant.

Leadership Positions:
Prior to serving as Chair of the Software Engineering Department, Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel has held many leadership roles. Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel was Vice-Chair of the SWE department from 2020-2021. She is a member of the Digital Strategic Partnership Program in the College of Computer and Information Sciences from 2020-present. The members of the program worked directly with the Dean of the College to create sustainable strategic partnerships with local, regional and international organizations that serve the interests of the College. Dr. Sarah was also head of the External Participations committee in the College of Computer and Information Sciences for three consecutive years from 2018-2021. The committee is responsible for initiating and coordinating the participation of students and faculty in activities and events outside of the University to shed light on the College and ensure it is well represented locally and internationally. 

Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel has earned a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University, College of Information Sciences and Technology. Her research is mainly focused on design, evaluation, and use of techniques (e.g. AI) to improve the software development process. She is also passionate Usability Engineering and Human Computer Interaction.

Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel has taught many courses in Software Engineering. Courses include: Software Security Engineering, Software Assurance, Formal Methods, Software Design Patterns, Health Informatics, Research Methods in Software Engineering, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Architecture & Design, Verification & Validation, Human Computer Interaction, Information Security, Usability Engineering, Software Ethics, Software Engineering I, Software Engineering II, and Computer Programming I. She has also helped develop and teach software engineering courses for other Saudi Universities.

Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel is also passionate about Cyber Security and has acquired certificates in the field. In addition, she has three years of experience teaching bachelor’s and master’s courses in King Saud University and other Saudi Universities. Courses include: Cryptography, Risk Management in Cyber-Security, Cyber-Security Governance and Compliance, Information Security, Software Security Engineering, and Software Assurance.

Dr. Sarah Almoaiqel is currently involved in part time consulting in the areas of Software Engineering and AI. She also has previous consulting experience in the fields of Usability Engineering, and Cyber Security.

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