MIHIS Research Group

Research Group for Machine Intelligence in Healthcare and Information and Security

Research Interest

  1. Machine Intelligence for Information Security:

  • Deep Learning in Biometrics
  • Biometrics: Heart (ECG/PPG), Brain (EEG), Fingerprint
  • Quantum Biometrics
  • Liveness Detection, Presentation Attack Detection
  • Multimodal Fusion 
  • Cryptographic Key Generation from Biometrics
  • Biometric Encryption and watermarking
  • Biometrics based Digital Signature and Currency

  2. Machine Intelligence for Healthcare:

  • Deep Learning for ECG/PPG/EEG Signal Analysis and Classification
  • Arrhythmia Detection 
  • Atrial Fibrillation Detection and Screening
  • Health informatics


Team members

1. Members

  • Dr. Md Saiful Islam, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science - Lead
  • Dr. Saad Al-Ahamadi, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. M Abdullah-Al-Wadud, Associate Professor, Department of Software Engineering
  • Dr. Rami M. Jomma, Researcher

2. International Collaborators

  • Dr. Ashad Kabir, Senior Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, Australia
  • Dr. Md. Abdul Awal, Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh 

4. Research Students

  • Dalal Alduwaila
  • Mona Alsaleem
  • Hend Alshaya
  • Awabed Aljibreen
  • Malak Almarshad
  • Manal Alrawis

Funded Projects

  • Machine-Learning Techniques and their Applications to Healthcare, Security, and Analytics, Deanship of Scientific Research, King Saud University, Role: PI, Project ID: RG-1441-394, SAR 150000, Status: Running
  • Enhancing Security of Fingerprint Biometrics with Heartbeat Signal for Unattended Applications, Funding: National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (NSTIP project funded by KACST), Role: Co-PI, Project ID 13-INF2168-02-R, SAR 599960, Status: Running


Selected Publications

  1. N. Hasan, M.S. Islam, W. Chen, M.A. Kabir, S. Al-Ahmadi, “Encryption Based Image Watermarking Algorithm in 2DWT-DCT Domains”, Sensors 2021, 21, 5540. https://doi.org/10.3390/s21165540 
  2. D.A. AlDuwaile, M.S. Islam, "Using Convolutional Neural Network and a Single Heartbeat for ECG Biometric Recognition", Entropy 23 (6), 2021.
  3. R. Kushol, M.H. Kabir, M. Abdullah-Al-Wadud, M.S. Islam, “Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation from Fundus Image Using an Efficient Multiscale Directional Representation Technique Bendlets”, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 17(6) 2020.
  4. R.M. Jomaa, H. Mathkour, Y. Bazi, M.S. Islam, “End-to-End Deep Learning Fusion of Fingerprint and Electrocardiogram Signals for Presentation Attack Detection”, Sensors, 20(7), 2020.
  5. R.U. Haque, M.F. Mridha, M.A. Hamid, M. Abdullah-Al-Wadud, M. S. Islam, “Bengali Stop Word and Phrase Detection Mechanism”. Arab J Sci Eng 45, pp. 3355–3368, 2020.
  6.  SK Saha, SM Islam, M Abdullah-AL-Wadud, and M.S. Islam, “Multiomics Analysis Reveals that GLS and GLS2 Differentially Modulate the Clinical Outcomes of Cancer”, Journal of clinical medicine, 8(3), 2019