Effect of quercetin on cadmium fluoride induced alterations in hydroxyproline/collagen content in mice liver.

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S, Siddiqi NJ, Zargar . 2014
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Research paper
Connect Tissue Res.
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Purpose/aim of the study: To study the effect of quercetin, a flavanoid on cadmium fluoride-induced alterations in hydroxyproline and collagen content in mice liver.

Materials and methods: Following experimental groups were studied: Group 1, normal mice; Group 2, CdF2-treated mice administered single intraperitoneal (i.p.) injections of CdF2 1 mg/kg bw (body weight); Group 3, CdF2-treated mice administered single i.p. injections of CdF2 2 mg/kg bw; Group 4, mice-injected i.p. with 100 mg quercetin/kg bw; and Group 5, mice-injected i.p. with 100 mg quercetin/kg bw followed by 2 mg CdF2/kg bw after 2 h. Mice were sacrificed 24 h after CdF injection by asphyxiation with carbon dioxide.

Results: 1 mg/kg and 2 mg/kg body weight (bw) of CdF2 caused a significant increase in hepatic total Hyp and collagen when compared with the liver of control mice. This was associated with significant changes in free, peptide bound, and protein bound Hyp fraction in the livers of treated mice. Quercetin treatment alone and with CdF2 also caused a significant increase in total Hyp and total collagen in mice liver.

Conclusion: We conclude that quercetin has a synergestic effect with CdF2 on the total Hyp and collagen content in mice liver.