Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry- 341 Chem

Brief course description:
Nomenclature, Aromaticity, Five-membered heterocycles: pyrrole, furan, thiophen indole, diazoles Six‑membered heterocycles: pyridine, quinoline &isoquinoline; basicity; synthesis, reactions, cycloaddition reactions. Heterocyclic compounds versus microbes: antibiotics, antitumors and as dyes. Biologically important heterocycles, uracils, purins, Carbohydrates; definition, nomenclature, classification, monosaccharide: absolute configuration, cyclic structures, oxidation, reduction, osazones, ascorbic acid, amino sugars. Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides; cellulose technology, Amino acids; proteins, natural amino acids: properties, synthesis and reactions, synthesis of peptides, protein classification. Lipids; classification, waxes, oils and fats (glycerides), synthesis and properties of glycerides, glycolipids.
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