Principle of Genetics (Zoo 352)


Principle of Genetics (ZOO 352)


Course Designation Zoo 352 352  حين رقم المقرر ورمزه
Course Name Principle of Genetics اساسيات عبم الوراثة اسم المقرر
No. of Credits 2 (1 + 1) 2 ساعات (1 + 1) عدد الوحدات الدراسية المعتمدة
Prerequisites None لا يوجد متطلب سابق
Co-requisite Course None لا يوجد متطلب مصاحب

Course Description:
Introductions to genetics, the relation between genes and traits. Genetics is an experiments science. The chromosomal basis of inheritance, chromosomes cell cycle and mitosis, meiosis, and chromosome theory, Mendelian inheritance and its extensions Non-Mendelian inheritance, Mutations, Mechanisms of DNA repair and sex-determination in eukaryotes. introduction to genetic engineering and its applications.

Main Book:
Campbell, N. A. and Reece, J. B. (2005). Biology (9th edition). Pearson Education. Inc. USA.
Principles of genetics / D. Peter Snustad,  Michael J. Simmons. 6th ed. SBN 978-0-470-90359-9