Moleculare Biology (Zoo 342)

Nature and properties of genetic material; DNA as a genetic material; RNA as a genetic material of some viruses. DNA synthesis and the molecular gene concept; DNA sequence and duplication in chromosomes. The concept of gene expression (transcription and translation and processing of RNA molecules); an introduction to regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes.

 Knowledge about basic concepts of Zoology including Viruses, Cell Biology, Membrane biology, Biomolecules &Metabolism, Cell divisions, Molecular biology, Genetics and Endocrine system.
 Practical knowledge about basic Cell structure: animal tissues (Histology).
 Identify the chromosomal basis of inheritance and describe synthesis of polypeptide.
 Explain Fertilization and Meiosis.
 Examine and describe cells and cell organelles under the microscope.
 Examine and identify different animal tissues.
 Examine mitotic and meiotic division in plant and animal cells.
 Ability to present talks and discuss with others.

The majority of the material for this course will be from Campbell’s Biology textbook as well as published scientific literature. These scientific papers are accessible free of change and electronically through the KSU Library. Links to these sources and the PDF files can also be downloaded from Blackboard:
“At the Bench” is an essential guide in graduate school. It is recommended for all graduate students but will not be covered in the course.