)Quantitative and Population Genetics (Zoo 552

Quantitative and Population Genetics (Zoo 552)

Course Designation Zoo-552 552 حين رقم المقرر ورمزه
Course Name Quantitative and Population Genetics وراثة العشائر والوراثة الكمية اسم المقرر
No. of Credits 2 (1 + 1) 2 ساعات (1 + 1) عدد الوحدات الدراسية المعتمدة
Prerequisites Zoo-374 374 حين متطلب سابق
Co-requisite Course None لا يوجد متطلب مصاحب


Schedule of Assessment Tasks for Students During the Semester
  Assessment task (i.e., essay, test, quizzes, group project, examination, speech, oral presentation, etc.) Week Due Proportion of Total Assessment
1 Final exam 14 Week 40%
2 Midterm exam (with oral presentation) 7 Week 30%
3 Midterm exam (with Reports) 7 Week 20%
4 Performance evaluation + attendance Weekly 10%


Course Description

Studying Genetics and quantitative genetics for determining genetic distances, population structure, variance components and basic genetic parameters such as heritability and response toselection.

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