Databases (MIS 213)

The course deals with the roles of data; the role of databases in the development of management information systems; models in relational databases; relational model constraints; (SQL) data retrieval languages; the security and database management; a practical application for the development of databases in business management.

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Fundamentals_of_Database_Systems.ppt 1.52 ميغابايت
SQL.ppt 1.23 ميغابايت
Introduction_to_Transaction_Processinng_Concepts_and_Theory.ppt 2.78 ميغابايت
Concurrency_Control_Techniques.ppt 990 كيلوبايت
Database_Recovery_Techniques.ppt 4.48 ميغابايت
Database_Security.ppt 1.08 ميغابايت
Introduction_to_Informaiton_Retrieval_and_Web_Search.ppt 1.15 ميغابايت
SQL-99_-_Schema_DefinitionBasic_Constraints_and_Queries.pdf 234 كيلوبايت
Syllabus_MIS_213.pdf 107.46 كيلوبايت
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