• EE 351 Automatic Control

Review of mathematical background (complex variables, Laplace, Diff. Equations); System representation (block diagram, transfer functions, signal flow graph) Modeling of electric and mechanical systems; State variable analysis; Stability; Time domain analysis; Root locus; Frequency domain analysis; Introduction to PID control.

  • Textbook: Modern Control Engineering (4th edition) by K. Ogata, 2002.
  • Pre-requisite: EE 301.


  • Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Control Systems.
Chapter 2: Review of mathematical material.
Chapter 3: System Representation.
Chapter 4: State variable analysis and state space representation.
Chapter 5: Stability of linear control systems.
Chapter 6: Time domain analysis of control systems.
Chapter 7: Root locus techniques.
Chapter 8: Frequency domain analysis (Nyquist plots).
Chapter 9: Frequency domain analysis (Bode Plots).
Chapter 10: Modeling of electric and mechanical systems. 
Chapter 11: Review and introduction to controller design.

  • Grading Policy:

Tutorial classes take 15% of the total 100 marks, the grading is shown below:
5 marks: Quizzes.
5 marks: Homeworks.
5 marks: Attendance.

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