BCH 220 - Biochemistry of Blood for Microbiology students

Main purpose of this course is to impart in-depth knowledge regarding biochemical aspects of blood which includes the following: blood constituents - Physical, chemical and biological properties of blood, Blood coagulation cascade – role of anticoagulants, Blood groups, Erythropoiesis, RBC recycling, Hemoglobin structure and function, Anemia- classification etc

المرفق الحجم
lecture-2-erythrocytes.pdf 842.85 كيلوبايت
lecture-3-platelets.pdf 333.42 كيلوبايت
lecture-4-haemostasis.pdf 259.33 كيلوبايت
lecture-7-haemoglobin.pdf 854.29 كيلوبايت
lecture-8-erythrocytes_metabolism.pdf 797.73 كيلوبايت
lecture-11-anemias.pdf 471.6 كيلوبايت
lecture-9-blood_groups.pdf 494.82 كيلوبايت
lecture-10-lipoprotein.pdf 294.74 كيلوبايت
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