Finding healthcare issues with search engine queries and social network data

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Lali, M. Ikram Ullah . 2017
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Epidemics; Google queries; Influenza; Opinion mining; Sentimental analysis; Social network
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems
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Search engines and social networks are two entirely different data sources that can provide valuable information about Influenza. While search engine hosts can deliver popular queries (or terms) used for searching the Influenza related information, the social networks contain useful links of information sources that people have found valuable. The authors hypothesize that such data sources can provide vital first-hand information. In this article, they have proposed a methodology for detecting the information sources from social networks, particularly Twitter. The data filtering and source finding tasks are posed as classification tasks. Search engine queries are used for extracting related dataset. Results have shown that propose approach can be beneficial for extracting useful information regarding side effects, medications and to track geographical location of epidemics affected area. Copyright © 2017, IGI Global.