Registration Points- Winter term 2019 (392)

Download form for removing/adding courses at the bottom of this page.

Add your name to the :
1) List of students requesting STAT101

2) List of students requesting EE312
3) List of students requesting EE207

  1. Students can register online using during the first week.
  2. Then, if they could not make the desired changes, they can submit a request through which will be received and processed by CEN registrars.
  3. CEN registrars must not process requests that violates department policies e.g.
  • Overload registration (adding beyond student’s GPA-based limit) even for graduating student. Academic adviser must review this case by case and make the request according to our agreement last meeting.
  • Adding CEN492 before passing 120 credits.
  •  Adding any course with CEN999 (Practical Training). Please watch for this before making any changes.
  • Overbooking on CEN Lab sections.
  1. For other registration requests, the student must consult his academic adviser and fill the form below by email.
  2.  Level 6 of the new plan is offered this semester.
  3. This will be the last semester to offer CEN313, CEN340 and CEN343.
  4.  We have offered 2 sections of CEN317 (Logic 2 Lab)
  5.  Students must take STAT101 in the First Common Year. We will try with FCY to bring 2 sections in CCIS to make it accessible for our students.
  6. STAT100 is NOT equivalent to STAT101.
  7. The old MATH sequence is MATH106->MATH200->MATH204->CEN340.
  8. The new MATH sequence is MATH106->MATH205->(MATH204+EE207)->CEN351.
  9. MATH203 has been replaced with MATH205 and it was automatically equalized. However, MATH200 is not yet equalized with MATH205 so some students may not be able to register MATH204. We are working with DAR to solve the issue.

To request removing/adding courses, please fill the form below and send it to me back by email (hhichri_at_ksu_edu_sa)


طـــــلــــب تسجيــــــــــل مقـــــررات
Application for registration of courses



  إسم الطـالب
  الرقم الجامعـــــي
د. هيكل هيشري المرشد الأكاديمي
  المعدل التراكمي
  عدد الساعات المجتازة
  عدد الساعات المسجلة لهذا الفصل
  الخيار 1
الإضافة الحذف
الشعبة المقرر الشعبة المقرر
  الخيار 2
الإضافة الحذف
الشعبة المقرر الشعبة المقرر
  الخيار 3
الإضافة الحذف
الشعبة المقرر الشعبة المقرر



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