CSC 304 Computing Ethics and research methods


Course Title:

CSC 304 – Ethical Issues in Computing & Research Methods.


Credit Hours:




CSC 113- Programming II.


Course Description:

   This course seeks to equip students with sufficient knowledge of Computer Ethics to enable them recognize the ethical nature of certain issues that arise in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workplace.

   The course studies the effect of the proliferation of computers in our world, the impact of computers in the social, economic, political, and other aspects of our life. It covers the moral and legal obligations of computer professionals and issues concerning security, privacy versus freedom of information, ethics and professionalism, intellectual property rights, research methods: collecting and analyzing data, critical evaluation of research, report writing, choosing and evaluating references, and  presentation skills.


Course Objectives:

   The objective of the course is to provide the students with main concepts of computer ethical issues and to introduce scientific research methods.