IS 700: PhD Thesis

1- Title: Efficient Discovery of Productive Periodic-frequent Patterns from Body Sensor Networks
Student: Walaa Ismail
Supervised jointly with Dr. Mohammad Hassan

2- Title: Automated Semantic Requirements Classification Model Using a Hybrid Intelligent Approach

Student: Hala Alrumaih
Supervised jointly with Prof. Abdulrahman Mirza

3- Title: Rationale Ontology-based Framework for Eliciting and Documenting Tacit Knowledge during the Requirements Elicitation Process

Student: Halah Al-Asheikh
Supervised jointly with Prof. Abdulrahman Mirza


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PhD Proposal - Template 749.14 كيلوبايت
PhD Proposal - CCIS GS Guide 941.44 كيلوبايت
PhD Proposal - Evaluation Form 33.62 كيلوبايت
PHD Proposal - Approval Flowchart 228.78 كيلوبايت
PhD Thesis - Constructing Examination Committee Flowchart 224.01 كيلوبايت
PhD Thesis - Defense Flowchart 220.5 كيلوبايت
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