Comparative Constructions 2- 125 Najd

Course Description:
The course is at the intersection of grammar, writing, and translation. It seeks to enable students at this level (i.e., beginners) to move smoothly between English and Arabic, and vice versa. The course provides an opportunity for students to put side by side grammatically well-formed sentences of both languages. To do so, the course gives hands-on general practice in comparing, contrasting, formulating, and translating Arabic and English constructions based on grammatical principles.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, students should be able to:
1. Differentiate between Arabic and English common constructions
2. Grasp the similarities and differences between Arabic and English constructions
3. Demonstrate skill in overcoming the word-for-word approach to finding equivalent English sentences for Arabic ones, and vice versa
4. Translate sentences from Arabic into English and vice versa for general and practical purposes
Course Methodology:
Class work consists of hands-on experience with comparing/contrasting and translating both individually and as groups in the form of both class work and homework. In each lesson, translation should be tackled from English into Arabic and vice versa. Theory will be kept to the minimum.

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