Brain Computing Interaction (BCI) Projects 2012-2016

Ghada has worked on different Brain computing Interaction BCI projects,  since 2012 till now
1. Brain Signals for Controlling Smart Offices 2015- 2016

Key Parteners: Nuha Alrajhi, Dalal Muriabe, Aisha Almahmoud, Latifa Almazrou, Nouf Alenzi
Published in:
 I. International Human Computer Interaction Conference, USA, sponsered by Springer
2. Brain Signals for Personal Identification Secure Systems 2014
Key Parteners: Eman Alarfaj, Shahd Alqahtani, Basma Almshari, Hana Almshari, Afnan Alasker
Published in
I. The IEEE fifth national symposium on Information Technology,  held by King Saud University adopting the title: "Towards New Smart World" in the period 17 to 19 February 2015.
II. International ISI Journal Computers in Human Behavior

3. Affective Biometric Identification Using Speech Interaction System 2013
 Key partners Mai Alzamel,  Eman Alattas, Sara Alhwimel
Published in
Science and Information Conference (SAI), 2013, London
5- Evolutionary Human Mind Interaction via Integrating Speech Interaction Systems
 Key Parteners:
1. Ghada Al-Hudhud
2. Dr Areej Alwabil

4. The ViBC project: Infrasturcute Porject for all upcoming BCI projects 2012

The ViBC project is proposed to be a software-to-software interface, and the user can communicate with one user interface that allows for selecting different Java based components built from Java packages. These components could also use readymade 3D models in order to be deployed by the selected components at the run time.
Producing the ViBC API is going to increase the usability of the Emotiv package together with the interfaces being produced by individual projects in order to produce new products through the graduation projects as well as through the research proposals offered by SKERG.