Dr. Bouzeffour Fethi

Address: King Saud University

College of Science - Department of Mathematics.

P.O. Box 2455 - Riyad 11451,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Office: AA 129 Building 4.

Office Phone: 

Email: fbouzaffour@ksu.edu.sa

The definite integral, fundamental theorem of calculus, the indefinite integral, change of variable, numerical integration.  Differentiation and integration of inverse trigonometric functions. The…
Abstract This work is devoted to the study of some functions arising from a limit transition of the Jackson q-Bessel functions when q tends to -1. These functions coincide with the so-…
Abstract The aim of this paper is to prove Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl inequality for a fractional power of the Dunkl transform on the real line for which there is an index law and a Plancherel…
Abstract In this paper we consider the differential-difference reflection operator associated with a finite cyclic group,  Y(v)f(x) = df(x)/dx + Sigma(m-1)(i-1)mv(i) + m - i/x Sigma(…


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