Recommender systems offer personalized access to online information in product catalogs, social media networks, and document collections, among other applications. This class will introduce…
Graduate Project
This course covers the topics: introduction to mobile computing and its applications, mobile technologies for developing regions, smart mobile devices, database and web client-server systems for…


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Personal Information:

Assistant Professor

Address:       Information Technology Department

                        College of Computer and Information Sciences

                        P.O. Box 22452, Riyadh 11495

                        Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


1994: PhD, P.&M. Curie University - France

             Subject: Intelligent Help Systems & Plan Recognition

1991: MSc,  P.&M. Curie University - France

            Subject: Intelligent Computer learning based


Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence,Intelligent Tutoring Systems, E_learning,m-learning, Expert Sytems, Learning Analytics, Data Mining..

Employment Record:


Sept.2010 – Present: Assistant Professor. King Saud University

Nov. 2005 – 2010:  Project Manager /Collaborator Professor. AUDIENS - France

Nov. 1999 – Mars 2004 : Project Manager / Collaborator Professor. SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES – France

Jan. 1997 – Nov. 1999 : Engineer / Instructor.  BNP – PARIBAS /INDOSUEZ  - France

Jan. 1995 – Dec.1995 :  Associate Researcher /Instructor.   FRANCE TELECOM  RESEARCH & DEVELOPEMENT –France

 April 1990 - Dec. 1991 Associate Researcher /Instructor.  BULL - SA. - France

Conferences & Journals:
Applicability of time conformable derivative to Wick-fractional-stochastic PDEs , Z Korpinar, F Tchier, M Inc, F Bousbahi, FMO Tawfiq, MA Akinlar, Alexandria Engineering Journal Volume 10, issue 3, 2020

Solutions of fractional-stochastic Bao’s system. M Inc, MA Akinlar, F Tchier, C Bal, F Bousbahi, FMO Tawfiq, GW Weber. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 2020

From Poster to Mobile Calendar: An Event Reminder using Mobile OCR , F Bousbahi, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 10, issue 10. 2019

From mobile to wearable system: a wearable RFID system to enhance teaching and    learning conditions.                         S Larabi Marie-Sainte, MS Alrazgan, F Bousbahi, S Ghouzali, W AbdulMobile Information Systems 2016

Investigating IT Faculty Resistance to Learning Management System Adoption Using Latent Variables in an Acceptance Technology Model. F. Bousbahi, M. Alrazgan,The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 375651, 2015.

MOOC-Rec: A Case Based Recommender System for MOOCs, F. Bousbahi, H. Ouertani, Precedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences (195) 2015.

F. Bousbahi, Use of i-clickers to enhance learning outcomes assessment in classroom: A Case Study in King Saud University, International Journal of Teaching and Education Vol. II (No. 4), 2014.

H. Ouertani, A. Zulal Sevkli, F. Bousbahi,"From e-learning to m-learning: Context- aware CBR System", ICONIP2012, 2012, Doha, Qatar. Published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) and special issues of SCI journals.

H. Ouertani, A. Zulal Sevkli, F. Bousbahi, "Mobile Learning Adaption through a Device Based Reasoning", Original Research Article Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 47, 2012, Pages 1707-1712.   
E. Al-Otaibi,M. Al-Koueb, M. Al-Orf, M. Al-Jweer, A. Fahad Al-Obailan, F. Bousbahi, "Lost Person System", 3rd annual Undergraduate Conference in Information Systems, April, 2012, Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.

F. BOUSBAHI, M. Morvan, Eurescom european project « a User Centred Approach to the Specification of Telecommunication Services », CNET, 1996.

F. BOUSBAHI, M. Morvan, KADS (Knowledge Analysis & System Design) and Object Oriented Methodologies to design users tasks and activities at the very beginning of the software life cycle,  CNET, 1996. 

F. BOUSBAHI, “ SADRP, An Didactic Help System based on Plan Recognition”, PHD Thesis , University of Paris Pierre & Marie Curie, July 1994

F. BOUSBAHI, B. de La Passardière, ”The tutor in SARP, an intelligent help system”, MASI Report, University PARIS VI, n° 93.43, July 1993.

F. BOUSBAHI, B. de La Passardière, “Didactic and Plan Recognition in Intelligent Help System”,  ICCTE'93 - International Conference on Computer Technologies in Education, KIEV - Ukraine, September 1993, pp. 183-184 F.

F. BOUSBAHI, B. de La Passardière, “The Tutor in SARP, an Intelligent Help System”, International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science VIENNA - Austria, Dec. 1993

F. BOUSBAHI, "Le facteur didactique dans la conception des systèmes d'aide intelligents", Paris (FR) : LIP6, Laboratoire d'informatique de Paris 6 ; IBP, Institut Blaise Pascal , 06/1994 .  MASI 94-23.

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Recommender systems offer personalized access to online information in product catalogs, social…
Graduate Project
This course covers the topics: introduction to mobile computing and its applications, mobile…
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Undergraduate project
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لا يوجد محتوى حتى الآن


لا يوجد محتوى حتى الآن

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