I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering Department - Water Resources- at King Saud University. Previously, I received a Master's degree from Arizona State University, USA (2016). I received a Ph.D. degree from the Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering (SSEBE), Arizona State University, USA (2019). I worked in different types of projects related to water resources systems, which enhance my knowledge in dealing with water resources issues. During my academic study,  I was able to develop optimization models for the sustainability of collection water systems.
Research Interests:
My interest research is focusing on developing optimization and simulation models for integrated water resources management.

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COURSE INFORMATION/SYLLABUS First Semester 2020-2021   DR. Faisal M. Alfaisal KSU Faculty Civil Engineering…
COURSE DESCRIPTION             Engineering processes; process modeling concepts; line of balance models; linear programming; non-linear programming; integer…
Topics to be covered:   1- Pressure flow system (Pipes and Pumps)  Chapter 4 and 12 (Mays’s  Book) 1.     Energy equation 2.    …


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