PhD, MA, BA Courses are listed below

 PhD Courses:

  1. Issues in Literary Theory and Criticism
  2. Issues in Poetry: Traditional & Postcolonial
  3. Issues in the Novel: Postcolonial Readings in the Novel
  4. Special Poet (Robert Browning)
  5. Special Subject: The American Novel (1900-1950)
  6. American Literature (1620-1914).
  7. Contemporary Female American Poets.

MA Courses:

  1. Modern Schools of Criticism
  2. Research Methodology in Literary Studies.
  3. 18th Century and Romantic Literature
  4. Victorian and Modern Literature
  5. Nineteenth-Century British Novel
  6. Modern British Novel.
  7. Special Subject (Pre-Raphaelite Poetry)
  8. Special Author (Dante Rossetti)
  9. Special 19th Century Author (George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell)
  10. The Art of Fiction (Henry James, Charles Baxter)
  11. John Milton.
  12. Postcolonial Theory and Criticism.
  13. American Poetry: 19th and 20th Centuries.

BA Courses:

  1. Victorian Poetry
  2. Romantic Poetry
  3. 19th Century British Novel
  4. Special 19th Century Author (Charlotte Bronte)
  5. A Major Romantic Poet (John Keats, William Wordsworth)
  6. Short Thesis (Various Topics and Authors)
  7. History of Literary Criticism (1)
  8. History of Literary Criticism (2)
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