Emran Ismail Rashed Al-Oqaily

• Attended many trainee courses by Oxford University Press
• assigned as a convener of accreditation committee of the language center. 2017
• Five trainee courses on e-learning
• ICDL training course
• Designing webpages using html language
• Many courses in English for specific purposes ( medicine, tourism, hotel, mass media , political purposes)
Duties and responsibilities During working period, duties and responsibilities include:
 Teaching English Language Oxford CEFR level courses , EGP (English for General Purposes) and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) to the students of Medicine, Engineering, Applied Science, and Information Science.
 Preparing, delivering lectures, and conducting sessions for listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated environment.
 Administering and in some cases preparing exams.
 Advising students on course and academic matters.
 Assisting students in writing assignments and giving them a valuable feedback.
 Attending administrative meetings and professional
development programs.
 Served as a member of the ELC exam & marking committee from 2017 to 2018.
 Worked as a coordinator for medical stream, Scientific stream ,administrative stream ,and applied sciences from 2009 to 2019.
 Worked as a convener of quality assurance & accreditation committee from 2018 to2019.