Teacher Constructed Corrective Feedback Enhancing Students Writing Skills in EFL Classroom

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Elumalai, Kesavan Vadakalur . 2019
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Research work
Paragraph Writing, EFL Classroom, Grammar, Vocabulary, Corrective Feedback
Advances in Language and Literary Studies,( Australian International Academic Centre PTY.LTD) (
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103 to 106
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The present study states in the field of teaching EFL students in the process of writing correct feedback in the classroom, the study was conducted to explore the influence of feedback on the students’ writing skill and language abilities in grammar. 30 student participants enrolled in “Advanced Writing” classes were administered to write a short paragraph of their interested topics for 15 weeks they were given separate note books to write essay, letter and a short paragraph of any instant situation and were also asked to write eight essays throughout the semester. At the beginning semester, students were taken pre-test open-ended questionnaire and at end of the semester were taken post- test, both test involves the students’ method of writing and its benefits of feedback. The obtained data showed that the students’ language abilities significantly improved especially in the grammar and vocabulary. The students also reported their satisfaction in the free-writing method which allowed them to learn more on self-expression and organization of ideas