Dr. Emad M. Samara (Researcher ID: R-1241-2018 / SCOPUS ID: 54080330600 / ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3231-9193) is a veterinarian and animal biometeorologist. He has published more than 40 articles in several peer-reviewed international scientific research journals and conferences. The ultimate purpose of his researches is to first understand and then provide an outstanding and up-to-date knowledge regarding the basic controlling strategies, tactics and mechanisms of body thermoregulatory system as well as bioenergetics in animals particularly dromedary camels. The main focus of his current research is the thermophysiological capacity of camels to cope with the predicted effects of short-term climate changes, while in the future he hopes that his research will emphasize on studying the influence of specific controlled laboratory conditions on camel's neurophysiology. His research interests include but not limited to; philosophy, physics, biometeorology, thermoregulatory physiology, themosensory, thermography, biotelemetry, biologging, biorhythm, bioenergetic, molecular thermotolerance, epigenetic adaptation, spatiotemporal dynamics, thermodynamics/heat transfer modelling, neuroethology, phenology, paleoclimatology, ergonomics, cutting-edge researches, ground-breaking sciences, as well as development of non-living models and innovative non-invasive methodologies.
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