Cloning, expression and molecular characterization of glutathione transferase P1-1 from the camel Camelus dromedarius

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology
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In this study, we report the cloning, expression and characterization of the glutathione transferase Cloning, Phylogenetic analysis. isoenzyme P1-1 gene from Camelus dromedarius (CdGSTP1-1). The coding sequence was cloned using RT-PCR. Sequence analysis demonstrated significant differences between amino acid sequence of C. dromedarius and other mammalian GSTP1-1 enzymes. Phylogenetic relationship was studied with different organisms belonging to animal kingdom and revealed that CdGSTP1-1 is grouped with the enzyme from S. scrofa. The 3D homology model of CdGSTP1-1 showed similar fold and topology with the porcine GSTpi enzyme. Gene expression analysis in five camel tissues was examined employing realtime PCR. The highest level of transcripts was found in the camel testis, followed by liver, spleen, kidney and lung. CdGSTP1-1 was heterologously expressed in Eschericia coli BL21(DE3) as a ~24 kDa soluble protein and showed to be catalyticly active towards the model substrate 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene. The results of the present study provide new information into camelid evolution and give further insights into the diversity and complex enzymatic functions of GST superfamily.