Arabian Shield Geology Course (GEo 386)

1.  Course Description

  • Geologic feature related to the plate tectonics activities, Supercontinent assemblage and break- up in relation to Arabian Shield geology- Evolution and Origin of the Arabian Shield – stratigraphicrocks groups schemes – igneous and tectonic activity – defining Arc (island, volcanic arcs, fore and back arcs) and microcontinents - allochthonous and autochthonous rocks , AS terranes and its ophiolites and sutures – correlation with the Nubian Shield – the Pan-African episode – Archean terranes in the Arabian Shield – ore deposits in the Arabian Shield

2. Course Main Objective

  • The course will give ability to understand the geology and tectonic events of the shield.
  • The course will provide the knowledge to discriminate between the different rock types along with their field's features and petrophically.
  •  The course will give the abilities to identify the geological setting  of igneous/ metamorphic rocks terrains and analyzing their tectonic terranes.
  • The course will help to establish the earth structure (magma formation, magma compositions, heat generation, the concept of plate tectonics, the relationships between plate tectonics setting and classifying the different types  of Granitoid, metamorphic and volcanic rocks, as well as will give ability demonstrate volcanoes and its volcanic activities) and its relationships with the formation of different diversities of rocks.
  • The course will help to locate volcanoes formed in the Arabian Shield and its history. 
  •  Will be acquainted with the red sea evolution along with its Harrat formation processes, as well as will be able to cover   the Arabian Shield evolution and Tectonstratigraphic different terrane’s history.