PhD Students

Current PhD Scholars Being Supervised

  1. Optimization of Classifiers for Multi-Class Problems, Muhammad Nazir, (CS, FAST-NU)
  2. Combination of Multiple Classifiers, Muhammad Aamir Khan, (CS, FAST-NU)

Former PhD Scholars Supervised

  1. Intelligent Image Watermarking using Genetic Programming, Dr. Zahoor Jan, (CS, FAST-NU – 2011)
  2. Copyright Protection of Plain Text Using Digital Watermarking, Dr. Zunera Jalil, (CS, FAST-NU – 2010)
  3. Image Fusion using Computational Intelligence Techniques, Dr. Abdul Basit Siddiqui, (CS, FAST-NU – 2010)
  4. Image Restoration using Fuzzy Logic, Dr. Ayyaz Hussain, (CS, FAST-NU – 2009)
  5. Lungs Segmentation and Nodule Detection using Macine Learning, Dr. M. Arfan Jaffar, (CS, FAST-NU – 2009)
  6. An Adaptive Finite Element Formulation of the Boltzmann–Type Neutron Transport Equation, Dr. Shaukat Iqbal, (FCSE, GIKI – 2007)
  7. Image Restoration using Machine Learning, Dr. Asmatullah Chaudhary, (FCSE, GIKI – 2007)
  8. Optimization & Combination of Classifiers using Genetic Programming, Dr. Abdul Majid, (FCSE, GIKI – 2006)
  9. Intelligent Perceptual Shaping of a Digital Watermark, Dr. Asifullah Khan, (FCSE, GIKI – 2006)